Pittsburgh Decorative Pavement

Decorative Concrete

We install dyed and stamped concrete as well as exposed aggregate concrete. We offer several different decorative concrete stamps and textures. We also offer swirl or broom finish traditional concrete.


Isbir Construction installs all types of driveways. We normally recommend a minimum of a 5” thick compacted stone base with at least a 5”-6” concrete driveway thickness. We can install broom finish, exposed aggregate, or stamped concrete. We can even mix them to make the driveway more decorative. Be careful of other contractors recommending 3.5”-4.0” thick concrete with a few inches of base stone. That is not a good quality driveway installation. We install our driveways to last for a long time.

Paving Stones

  • Paving stones are easy to make repairs to; small sections can be removed and replaced while other driveway materials will show the replacement damage.
  • Oil stains and utility line damage won’t be able to permanently scar your driveway, the stones can be put back to their original condition.
  • Weed growth can be prevented with the use of a polymeric joint sand which hardens and resists erosion.


Curved, circular, or exotic shapes can be installed to give your patio a beautiful look. All paver installations are supervised by a Certified Concrete Paver Installer. Weeds growing in joint sand are not a problem. We install polymetric joint sand in the joints.


Sidewalks, whether curved or straight are no problem and we can even incorporate sidewalks with steps in matching colors. All paver installations are supervised by a Certified Concrete Paver Installer. Give your home a beautiful paving stone walkway.


Stair tread units can be easily built into steps as part of a wall or freestanding next to a patio or sidewalk. They also offer a look that wood and concrete do not have.

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