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Isbir Construction

Pittsburgh Landscaping

We install all varieties of decorative beds, planter boxes, and raised kidney-shaped beds. Large or small rocks, special edging, and many other decorative features can be installed. Client input is very important in designing these beds.


Our edging machine makes perfectly cut bed edges. We can install just the natural shovel edge look or 5.5″ commercial grade plastic lawn edging. Borders of rock, stone, or cobblestone are nicely laid when installed in a perfectly cut trench.


ICLC installs all types of fencing. We make sure to call your local municipality to check how close your fence can be to your property line. Call Mike Isbir for more details.

Ground Covers


Ivy, Rug Juniper, Crown Vetch, etc. can be planted to eliminate the mowing of steep slopes or to beautify an unsightly hillside. These solutions require minimal maintenance and do not take much time to become effective. Contact Mike to discuss which ground covers will work best for you.


Hydro Seeding

Traditional seeding and hydroseeding are both employed by ICLC. Hydroseeding is the installation of grass seed, starter fertilizer, mulch, and water all sprayed onto a topsoil surface all at once. It is very cost-efficient for seeding large areas. It decreases potential washout from heavy rain and also holds moisture very well. It is often colored green and used to seed steep hillsides.

Large Boulders

We offer small and large limestone boulders to decorate or protect your home or business. They are available up to 36″ diameter. Feel free to come out and pick yours out at our supply yard.

Shrubs & Trees

ICLC plants all sizes of shrubs and trees. We can provide most any size or species of plant that is native to Western PA. We have contacts at nurseries all over the area with large selections of plant material. We also offer inexpensive drip irrigation bags for trees to reduce transplant shock and conserve water. Please call with any questions.

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