Have You Ever Had A Contractor..

  • Not return your phone call after leaving several messages.
  • Not show up for an appointment.
  • Give you a quote for a job which amounts to a business card with a dollar figure written on the back.
  • Say that if you don't sign this contract today, the price will go up.
  • Give you a business card with a PO Box address on it with the phone number scratched out and the new one written in?
  • Say that technically, the work requires a building permit but permits only add to the cost of the project.
  • Say that your job has some unforeseen "cost over-runs" that are necessary to complete the project. This usually happens in the middle of the project when everything is torn apart.
  • Ask you for the final payment before the job is complete.
  • Not come back to finish the job after you give him or her the final payment.
  • Force you to take him or her to court where you win and you still don't get your money back!

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