Pittsburgh Excavating Services

Our mini skid steer and mini excavator are ideal for digging and excavating in back yards and other hard to reach areas. We use these machines for our excavating services for certain projects because they do not damage lawns and can fit through many smaller fence gates.

Erosion Control

Erosion control fabrics, silt fence, straw waddles, and hydroseeding can be effectively employed to reduce erosion on your site or to establish a beautiful new lawn on a steep slope without fear of a washout. These products are required by federal law on construction sites larger than 1 acre. Please call for more information.


We provide total excavation services. Excavating, trenching, and grading with laser precision. Backhoe, skid steer, mini skid steer, high lift, excavator, dozer, hauling/trucking. We routinely work for plumbers, electricians and other contractors. Quality fill dirt is available in large or small quantities. We can compact the fill and level it or just deliver.


ICLC can dig virtually any size trench for any type of underground structure or utility. We routinely work for plumbers, electricians, and other contractors. We can dig up streets to connect to public utilities if necessary. We provide complete backfilling and patching services.

Swimming Pool Demolition

We demolish and fill in all types of swimming pools. We have done a lot of these projects and we are familiar with the regulations and requirements involved. Contact us today to get a quote on this exaction service.

Sewer Lines and Underground Utilities

We install all types of sewer, storm, gas, water, and electric lines underground. We work with registered plumbers and electricians to provide turn-key service.

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