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French Drains, Drain Pipes Waterproofing, Grading, Re-Seeding

Have trust in the value of Mike Isbir’s 25+ years of experience & Civil Engineering Degree to design and execute your project. We use our expertise in drainage systems and French drains to deal with special, difficult, and unique drainage problems. If others can’t do it, we probably can. Don’t let an interior waterproofing company tell you that you need an interior French drain and sump pump. Sometimes this is the answer, but not always! We offer many alternatives to interior French drains so call us for an unbiased professional second opinion. Our goal is to stop the water from getting to your house in the first place rather than pumping it out of your house after it is already in! Plus we won’t destroy your basement in the process.

Grading & French Drains

Grading and French drain combinations are our specialty! We slope the ground toward our French drains.

Storm Water Pipe

ICLC installs all sizes of drainage system pipes. We commonly install pipes to drain water from downspouts to streets or backyards. Excessive water near the foundation of a home can do a lot of damage. We also re-route damaged lines if needed. We can cut and patch asphalt and concrete to install the new lines. Heavy-duty schedule 40 pipe is almost always used because of its durability. We also install clean-outs where appropriate to facilitate the cleaning of future blocked lines. We install PVC, ABS, and HDPE pipe and fittings, perforated and solid.

French Drains

We install French drains to intercept ground water and divert it away from critical areas such as basements and low spots in lawns. All drains are installed with a laser transit to ensure water will flow to its desired location. We can cover the drains with soil and grass or leave the drainage stone exposed on the surface to catch surface water.

We do French drain clean ups as well. If you have an existing French drain that water is no longer getting into, call us to see how we can rejuvenate your old drain.

Roof Drain Pipes

Rainwater can do damage when it is allowed to flow into areas that cannot handle it such as around basements. Properly placed drainage systems such as drains, grates, and pipes can keep water away from critical areas and channel it to a safe place. Swales and grading can also be used to move water to safe areas.

Drainage Swales

Drainage Swales direct heavy surface water flow in extreme rain events.

Area Drains & Catch Basins

Area drains and catch basins collect surface runoff during rain events.

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