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Professional Advising

Save money by having an experienced professional help you and evaluate your project. Receive an unbiased plan for the right way to address your problem. Please call our office to schedule a no-obligation phone consultation with Mike Isbir about your problem. Depending on your needs, a quotation for services will be provided and must be accepted prior to any work or site visits. If any work is completed by Isbir Construction & Landscape Corp. as a result of this advising, the advising fees are typically deducted from the cost of the project.

Typical construction and landscaping advising requests are:

  • I had a contractor do a job and I don’t think he or she did the job correctly. Can you evaluate the work?
  • I am planning to complete a project myself and I want professional advice.
  • We are thinking of purchasing a home that is in need of repairs. How large is the job and how much will it cost?
  • We are working with a builder, engineer, or architect that does not have a lot of expertise in retaining walls, drainage systems, etc… Would you be able to provide suggestions and advice to help us to get a better overall finished product?

Mike Isbir holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. He has years of field and professional experience behind him as well as a certified and educated team. Mr. Isbir is not a licensed, registered engineer in the state of Pennsylvania. For more information about Mr. Isbir and our company, please visit the About Us section of our Website. If you’re interested in receiving construction and landscaping advising, contact us today!

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